Smart Impact Investment is an independent investment company specialised in the agri & food sector.
We support entrepreneurs and management teams in realising their growth ambitions.

Our agri-food sector focus covers everything that happens from farm to supermarket, right through the supply chain.

We support non-listed Dutch companies in the agri-food sector which have enthusiastic management teams and an annual turnover of at least €5 million.
Our agri-food sector interest applies throughout the entire value chain* including storage, transport, trade, processing, sales and all (technical) supply and support companies.

We are also happy to put our knowledge and expertise to use in situations such as business hand-down to family members, management buy-outs/buy-ins, turnarounds, spin-offs/carve-outs and when there is a need for growth capital.

* We do not invest in primary agricultural companies, agricultural land, real estate or catering industry.

We support companies in achieving successful growth, without taking up management positions ourselves.

As Smart Impact Investment, we strive to be actively involved with the companies in our portfolio, working together with their management teams to achieve successful growth, without pushing ourselves into these teams. We offer support in areas such as strategy, commerce, organisational professionalisation, attracting finance and (large-scale) investments.

Based on trust and shared ambition, we work hand-in-hand with you to achieve future growth.

Smart Impact Investment is keen to invest in companies with a solid market position, distinguishing capabilities and clear growth potential.

Companies whose management possesses clear vision, a proven track record and the willingness to invest alongside us. Together, we establish the growth strategy and translate this into a concrete business plan for actively realising the company’s ambitions, which may be through organic growth and/or based on the buy & build principle.

* We do not get involved with start-ups and ‘early stage’ investments.

With our no-nonsense mentality and pragmatic approach, we aim for long-term growth.

We are involved shareholders who think long term. With our no-nonsense and hands-on mentality, we work closely with our clients in a pragmatic and decisive manner to accomplish company growth. In addition to the capital, knowledge and expertise we invest, we have a network of nationally and internationally well-established agri-food professionals who can contribute to the realisation of ambitions.

We provide risk capital from € 1 million to € 10 million to companies with an enterprise value of up to € 50 million in exchange for a majority or minority interest.

The investors behind Smart Impact Investment are successful entrepreneurs from the agri-food sector who, in addition to their capital, are also keen to put their knowledge and expertise to good use.